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  • Fox Conner at Staff College, 1910
  • WFA commemorative plaque, Victoria Station
  • Leonard Thorpe, 1/13 Battalion London Regiment, 1915
  • St Charmond Tank, French Army
  • Thiepval Memorial
  • Haig and General Staff
  • London Scottish at the Cenotaph, 11 November 2016

Book Review – George Lepre, Fragging: Why U.S. Soldiers Assaulted Their Officers in Vietnam (Lubbock, Tx, 2011)

George Lepre’s excellent book is the first academic study into the Vietnam War phenomenon known as ‘fragging’, where US servicemen sought to murder other American soldiers using fragmentation grenades. He estimates there were up to 1,000 attacks that resulted in at least 57 deaths. His publication examines why soldiers perpetrated these crimes and how the […]

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